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Other Valve and Actuation System Manufacturers and Products ...

Control Valves

AT Controls:  TRIAC V-port ball valves for process services

Schubert & Salzer:  Angle globe, slide gate, and sanitary control valves, low flow, high temp and cryogenic

Warren Controls:  Globe valves for water, air, steam, and general industrial/utility services

Pressure Regulators

Schubert & Salzer: pressure and back pressure, compact design

Process Valves

AT Controls: TRIAC automated ball valves, 2-way, 3-way, multi-port, firesafe, sanitary, high pressure

Schubert & Salzer: Angle globe, slide gate, and sanitary diaphragm valves, to ANSI 600

Crane Valve: Resilient seated and high performance butterfly valves, triple offset zero leakage

Everest Valve: Custom butterfly valves, high temperature, large sizes, to ANSI 1500

Saunders: industrial diaphragm valves for chemicals and slurries

DMIC: high pressure ball valves, 2-way and 3-way

Actuators and Drives

AT Controls: TRIAC pneumatic and electric actuators, two position and modulating, drives

RCS: electric actuators, spring return electrics

Process Equipment & Accessories

AT Controls: TRIAC limit switches, ASI, positioners, solenoids, dribble controls, manual gears

Schubert & Salzer: Digital positioners, process controllers, I/P converters, ASI

Fluid Engineering: Strainers and gas filtration: duplex, simplex, automatic, "Y".

ControlAir: I/P, E/P transducers, precision regulators, volume boosters

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